Miraculous Spring concert


On April 21st at 1 pm, there will be Miraculous Spring concert by Shakuhachi player, Shawn Renzoh Head and Harpist, Susanna Campbell at International Christian Church of Houston. Together they will be performing music by famed Japanese composers, Fukuda Rando and Michiyo Miyagi, and a selection of French composers.

This unexpected duo formed in the fall of 2017 with a multitude of goals in mind, one of which is to promote the music of Fukuda Rando. In their words “Rando’s music is a passport linking shakuhachi to the western concert hall.” Shakuhachi is no stranger to the western world;  it has been one of the most popular instruments amongst composers and music connoisseurs alike. However, so far it has not made huge strives in mixing with western concert music outside of the few works written in the medium. Which leads to the second major goal of this group, commissioning a body of works for Harp and Shakuhachi. As of to date, their is a line of composers excited to write for the duo, wanting to expound on the complex sounds of the Shakuhachi and the versatility and tactility of the harp.

Susanna began harp when she was nine-years old and has had a packed career playing with various orchestras, chamber groups, and on occasion soloing with orchestras. In addition to working with Shawn on this newly formed duo, she is active in two other groups, the AURORA trio (flute, cello, and harp), and The New Houston Harp Ensemble. She has found a niche doing newly commissioned pieces and odd transcriptions. You can learn more about Susannah through her website, harpandpiano.com

Shawn Renzoh Head is in the midst of an international career as a shakuhachi soloist and composer. He primarily works between Japan and America commissioning and performing new works for Shakuhachi and teaching its long and complex history. He has recently taken up the challenge to commission twenty composers by the year 2020 in order to expand repertoire for the shakuhachi. Holding a Shihan degree in Kinko-ryu, Shawn has become the youngest non-Japanese to receive a Shihan. You can learn more about Shawn through his website, shawnheadmusic.com

In this concert, the harp will be replacing the Koto and the shakuhachi will replace the flute and in one piece the cello. The admission is free, and donations for musicians and expense are welcomed.

Facebook event page >> https://www.facebook.com/events/2108457689368842/

4月21日(土曜日)尺八奏者のShawn蓮蔵Head氏とハープ奏者のSusanna Campbell氏の文化コンサート、Miraculous SpringがInternational Christian Church of Houstonで行われます。演目は、福田蘭童作曲の「椿咲く村」「春麗」「月草の夢」「麦笛の頃」や宮城道雄作曲の「春の海」等です。


Campbell氏は、9才からハープを演奏し、様々な管弦楽団や交響楽団で活躍してきました。現在は、Head氏とのデュオの他に、The Aurora Trio(フルート、チェロ、ハープ)とThe New Houston Harp Emsembleで活動しています。彼女の活動詳細は、harpandpiano.comのウェブサイトでご覧ください。