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Sunday Schedule:

12:00pm >>  Noon Worship

  • In the sanctuary
  • Worship in English
  • Cry room available for small children

1:30pm >> Afternoon Worship

  • In the sanctuary
  • Messages are preached in Japanese, and there’s a simultaneous translation in English with the in-ear monitor.
  • Children’s program (English & Japanese)
  • Cry room available for small children
  • There will be a time of fellowship afterwards

Sample Order of Sunday Worship:

As a Spirit-filled congregation, we believe in allowing the Spirit to lead our worship. Thus, we do not have a set order we follow. However, to give people an idea, here are components we normally do in our Sunday services in a sample order.

  1. Welcome / Announcement
  2. Opening Prayer
  3. Praise & Worship
  4. Prayer / Offering(Offering is optional. Instead of giving something, we want you to get something.)
  5. Praise & Worship
  6. Message
  7. Postlude
  8. Joint Prayer
  9. Altar Service(if you want us to pray with you, please come to the front)
  10. Fellowship time (in the foyer)

Common Questions:

  • Q. Can I attend services even though I am not a Christian?
  • A. Yes, Our Sunday services are public gatherings, and everyone is welcome. We often have guests who are not Christians.
  • Q. How should I dress?
  • A. You are welcome to wear your daily clothes. Please feel free to wear what makes you feel comfortable.
  • Q. What do I need to bring?
  • A. You do not need to bring anything. For those whom do not own a Bible, we give away Bibles in English and Japanese.
  • Q. What should I do with small children?
  • A. For children in PreK to Elementary, there are programs for both Sunday services. For children who are smaller, there is a separate “cry room” where you can enjoy the service through a PA system.
  • Q. What about manners such as standing up and sitting down?
  • A. We respect your freedom of worship at our church. Thus, you are welcome to stand whenever you feel like to stand and sit down whenever you feel like to do so. We do not have specific, required manners.
  • Q. Do I have to know Japanese language to attend? Is there an English translation?
  • A. As an International and multi-culture congregation, all of our Sunday gatherings are conducted with both native and non-native English speakers in mind. Our 11:40am service is conducted fully in English, and messages are intentionally prepared with an easy-to-understand English to accommodate non-native English speakers. Meanwhile, 1:30pm service is conducted in Japanese with an English version of the message broadcasted through a transceiver system simultaneously.
  • Q. How long does your Sunday worship service last?
  • A. While we do not set a finish time, each service usually last for about an hour. There’s always a time of fellowship after the service. Please stay and fellowship with us afterwards.

Weekday Small Groups:

Join us for one of our small groups throughout Greater Houston during week days. In these groups, we encourage people to make life impacting connections both with God and His people. Each group is uniquely designed to fulfill diverse needs and demographics by meeting at a variety of times, discussing different topics and focusing on unique purpose. Whether you are a seeker or a committed Christian, we invite you to be a part of our love & joy filled community.

For the schedule, see the calendar

For more detail about Bible study small groups, Bible study group section