Moving forward as a church in COVID19 era

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” + 2 Timothy 1:7

We are so grateful that our God has given us a spirit of power, of love, and of a sound mind instead of fear. We’ll continue to move forward in faith with a sound mind considering the comfort and the safety.

We’ll continue to move forward through phases.

In short,

  • Will continue to have remote gathering (If you decide it’d be best for you to worship remotely, please continue to use remote worship tools)
  • From May 31st, we are moving into Phase 1 (testing phase) to prepare for the future on-site.
  • From September 6th, we are moving forward to Phase 2 which will add indoor option
    • Guideline for inside (please click here to find more info): status checklist, social distancing, mask, body temperature (Outside: social distancing)
    • Attendee must pre-register.
    • Location: Only Fellowship Hall
  • We’ll deal by phases
    • Phase 2: Inside option will be available to the congregation (people who have been to the church)
    • Phase 3: Inside option will be available to guests as well
    • Phase 4 and beyond (still in planning)

If you have a question or a comment, please feel free to email to Pastor Nishi. email

If you are interested in details of future phases and additional information, please continue to read.


  • Core Thoughts:
    • Continue to fulfill the mission of God’s church as we grow and mature in faith together
    • Ensure that no one in the congregation is left behind as we develop ways to participate easily
    • Safety: Operating responsibly by striving our best not to come a place of infective COVID-19; safe place of worship
    • Openness: Continue to evangelize non-Christians and a place open to them
    • Multiple options/flexibility: Using multiple options instead of one to flexibly meet needs until things begin to settle
  • Phase 1 (test phase) Mainly remote gathering but testing some functions at onsite for the future planning
    • Remote worship: (from the church) same as remote-only phase
    • On-site worship: Inside, private (only invited staff) at Fellowship Hall only (FPC will only use the sanctuary)
    • Not using the same chair for both service (sectioning)
    • 5 people maximum (service staff/helpers)
    • Social Distancing: Distanced seating
    • Orientation at the service: explaining where to sit, etc
    • Requirement of a face cover or a mask; the church has extra
    • Screening checklist: health status, travel, etc
    • Checking temperature: 100 degree F or below
    • Attempt to limit time spending inside the room as little as possible (no food or fellowship inside)
    • Outside: Drive-in theater style (anyone can join) by FM radio or online at the parking lot
    • Online small group
  • Phase 2: Mainly remote gathering but testing to allow people who desire to join inside
    • Remote worship: (from the church) same as Phase 1
    • Onsite worship: inside; private (Only for registered congregants) If they are a high-risk considered by CDC, we recommend not to attend
    • 15 family units (20 people) maximum per service
    • Others are same as Phase 1
  • Phase 3: Remote gathering with options (may adjust in the future)
    • Remote worship (from the church) same as Phase 2
    • Onsite worship: Only for people who registered (including guests up to 15 people
    • Others are same as Phase 2
  • Phase 4: In-house gathering with remote options
    • Remote worship (from the church) same as Phase 3
    • Onsite worship: Anyone including guests (no registration needed) up to 40 people
    • Others are same as Phase 3