Sunday, December 13th

We have an option to worship indoor along with remotely or at outdoor/parking lot. Please choose what is the best for you to worship with us. 

English @ 11:45am
Japanese @ 1:30pm (no English translation)

Weekday Online Small Groups (Access to Zoom as the same way as Sunday)

  • Prayer group: every Wednesday at 4:30pm
  • Bible study group: 1st, 3rd & 5th Wednesday at 7:00pm (next one is this Wednesday, 16th)
  • Praise & Prayer hour: every Friday at 7:00pm

  • If you’d like to worship with us in-house, please reserve a spot every time since the space is limited by email the pastor or fill out this form each week. Please read our guideline for more information.
  • We have resumed a pre-service prayer at 11:30am (for the AM gathering) & 1:15pm (for the PM gathering). You may join at the church or zoom. The zoom ID is same as Sunday gatherings.
  • This past Sunday we had wonderful ministries of Bro Zach Nance in the AM gathering and Bro Kenny Shinagawa in the PM gathering. We are grateful for their messages that strengthen our faith.
  • For Christmas 2020, we are inviting the community to the virtual choir experience as a part of our community outreach. Anyone can be involved (do not have to be a part of the congregation). For this project, we can only accommodate around 50 people and it will be first-come-first-basis. If you are interested, please let Pastor Nishi know as soon as possible. For more info about this project, please click here.
    • Record at the church (easiest): We have all equipment ready. You simply show up. We’ll ask you to follow the same guideline for Sunday gatherings. This Sunday will be the last Sunday to record.
    • Record at your home: To respect social distancing, we can also accommodate to record at your home. For more information, please see this page. Please submit your recording by this Sunday, 13th.
  • The first project, “Angles We have Heard On High” is now completed. Thank you, Bro Zach Nance for many hours of sacrifice.
  • On Thursday, December 24th, we’ll have a Christmas eve gathering. At this gathering, we are also inviting people for a time of Sing-spiration. If you have an interest in singing a Christmas carol, please let Pastor Nishi know. Please make sure that songs have a Christmas message. If you would like to participate remotely, please make sure it’s recorded.
  • On Sunday, December 27th, we’ll have a communion. There’s a communion set available for you to do so at the comfort of your own home for you to pick it up. We can also mail them to you. For those who need.
  • From Pastor Nishi, “Thank you church for a wonderful Thanksgiving card and gifts, Last Sunday. Because of you and the Lord, we have been able to move forward in this challenging year. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being patient and supportive as we navigate through changes. I am humbled to serve our wonderful church.”
  • If you need a help with using Zoom, please see this page.
  • If you are using Zoom, please note that you’ll also be a part of YouTube live.
  • We have began an online Bible Study group on 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesday. We’ll have one this Wednesday, December 16th.
  • If this is your first time, please fill out the guest card.
  • We encourage you to value relationships with each other. Please call, write, text or whatever the way you can do to stay connected especially among your small groups. If you need to have an online/virtual meetings for prayer, fellowship, and Bible study, please feel free to let pastor know. Our video calling system is available for you to use as well.
  • This Wednesday’s prayer focus: for Japan.
  • Christmas support offering: 2020 has been a financially challenged year to many of us. Our church friends, Mrs. M & Mrs. K and their children, are no exception. The offering received with a note “relief” between Sunday, December 13th and December 31st would be designated to help them.