ACH set up

Checking Account / ACH Setting

  1. go to the link >>
  2. Create an account by clicking (by creating an account, you will create “your pass code”)


3. Please put your email address, and choose the box “I’m not a robot”


4. Please fill out the info (this page may be skipped if your email is already registered with our church)


5. Your passcode will be sent to your email. Please check.


6. Now go back to

7. Put your email address and your passcode (that you have received in your email)

8. You will be asked to change your passcode.


9. It’ll lead you to your profile page. You may fill out your personal information. Please click triple lines on your left top.


10. The drop menu will appear. Click “online” giving”


11. Choose “ACH/Checking” at the top, and the screen below will appear.


12. After entering info, please click submit. You will receive a very small amount deposited in your checking account.

13. When you receive a deposit in your checking account, please login again at

14. Please enter the deposited amount as instructed below and submit


15. You’ll now begin to be able to give through your checking account. Thank you for your faithful giving.