Sunday, April 2nd

We have an option to worship indoor along with remotely via YouTube. Please choose what is the best for you to worship with us. Please also note that our both AM & PM gatherings will meet in the Main Sanctuary. Please also note that we will not be hosting a remote worship via zoom, this Sunday.

We sincerely apologize for the last minute changes and inconvenience.

English @ 11:45am
Japanese @ 1:30pm (no English translation)

Weekday Small Groups (Access to Zoom as the same way as Sunday)

  • ONLINE >> Prayer group: every Wednesday at 4:30pm
  • ONLINE >> Bible study group: Every Wednesday at 7:00pm (except the bi-monthly meeting night)
  • ONLINE >> English as Second Language Class: Every Tuesday (
  • IN PERSON >> Young Adult Bible Study: 1st Saturday at 3pm (Rice Village)
  • IN PERSON >> Prayer & Praise hours: 3rd Saturday at 10am (Energy Corridor)

  • While we can not force you, we are continuing to ask you to wear either a mask or some type of a face cover to consider others for a time being upon the proposal of the church bi-monthly meeting. For people who lead worship and preach, we have a sneeze guard.
  • The library is available prior to each service for a time of prayer for you to pray freely. Let’s prepare our hearts for our services. Our pre-service prayer time will now be moved to the library.
  • We encourage you to value relationships with each other. Please call, write, text or whatever the way you can do to stay connected especially among your small groups. If you need to have an online/virtual meetings for prayer, fellowship, and Bible study, please feel free to let pastor know. Our video calling system is available for you to use as well.
  • At 10:30am of April 9th, we’ll have the prep meeting for the Japan Festival (May 6-7). If you can, we’d love to have you.
  • ESL outreach info site:
  • We’ll have our prayer and praise gathering on Saturday, April 15th at 2023 Gentryside Dr. Houston
  • We’ll have a time of communion immediately after the gathering today.
  • We’ll resume our Wednesday night Bible study from this week. For details on how to use the zoom, please see >>
  • Next Sunday is Easter. It’ll be a unity gathering at 11:45am with the ministry of Rev. Treadway.
    • We’ll have candies for children
  • As we move forward from the COVID-mode, we’ll be disposing over 30 items. If you are interested, please pick them up on Sunday, April 2nd or let Pastor Nishi know ASAP. >>


This Wednesday’s prayer focus: for our elders

We are setting up people to sign up to be on a mailing list for prayer requests that are submitted to us, and make it easier for people to submit a prayer request. You may sing up via the form below or contact pastor Nishi about it.