Sunday, February 21st

We have an option to worship indoor along with remotely or at outdoor/parking lot. Please choose what is the best for you to worship with us. 

English @ 11:45am
Japanese @ 1:30pm (no English translation)

Weekday Online Small Groups (Access to Zoom as the same way as Sunday)

  • Prayer group: every Wednesday at 4:30pm
  • Bible study group: 1st, 3rd & 5th Wednesday at 7:00pm (next one is Wednesday, March 3rd)
  • Praise & Prayer hour: every Friday at 7:00pm

  • We have resumed a pre-service prayer at 11:30am (for the AM gathering) & 1:15pm (for the PM gathering). You may join at the church or zoom. The zoom ID is same as Sunday gatherings.
  • This past Sunday, we had a ministry of Missionaries Zach & Allison Nance. They shared their burden to reach souls in Japan. We are asking you to consider about partnering with their mission work through giving. Thank you for those who have already given. If you would like to give to their missionary work, please note in your offering as for the Nance’s. We’ll give all that we receive for this purpose to them. You have until the end of March to give.
  • About outdoor gathering: It has been a year since we have moved forward considering the health of all. It appears that it’ll be a while before the county and the city will lift their health & safety policy. With that understanding, we are considering to improve our outdoor gatherings. March & April in Houston are the best months to spend outside. Also, we’ll have the Easter in April. Thus, we feel like this would be a great opportunity for people to gather and fellowship. We’ll have our sound system, musician and the messenger outside as well. We’ll continue with the remote option. Thus, we’d like to get your feed back

To attend:

  1. Outdoor seating. We’ll prepare a seating at the church parking lot with the social distancing considered.
  2. Safely from your car. If you decided to be distanced from others, you can gather from your car. The sound will be much better and will not have issues that are caused via zoom, etc.
  • If you are having a problem by not having heater, electricity, water, hot water, food, etc, please feel free to let us know. We may be able to help. We can also help those who are suffering from pipe bursting/water damage. Please pray for Formosan Presbyterian Church and 8 families connected to our church who had some water damages: provision, sincere responses from the insurance company, wisdom for the restoration, for things to go smoothly. We are grateful for people who have responded for the water damage: Brothers Zach, Tatsu, Keito, Dean, Li, Keito, Briceon, Brother & Sister Shinagawa, Sisters Akemi & Julia.
  • For March 5th & 6th, Reaching Japanese for Christ will host an online conference. For more information, please click here. Registration is FREE.
  • If this is your first time, please fill out the guest card.
  • We encourage you to value relationships with each other. Please call, write, text or whatever the way you can do to stay connected especially among your small groups. If you need to have an online/virtual meetings for prayer, fellowship, and Bible study, please feel free to let pastor know. Our video calling system is available for you to use as well.
  • This Wednesday’s prayer focus: for the Greater Houston.
  • Thank you for those who has given in 2020. Because of your giving, we were able to move forward and fulfill God’s mission in the midst of a challenging year. We thank Sis. Ai, and Bro & Sis Matsumura for working on our finance team faithfully. They have prepared the 2020 contribution statement for you and that you should have received it by now.

For Zoom users

  • If you need a help with using Zoom, please see this page.
  • If you are using Zoom, please note that you’ll also be a part of YouTube live.