Shinagawa meal train invitation

Dear Friends of Shinagawa Family,

Thank you very much for your support during this hard time. We all are in deep sorrow with the loss of Kiyo. I’m Kozue, and I am Shinobu’s son’s wife. After finding out that Kiyo had cancer, my husband, Yosefu, had visited every three months and we try out best to be with them, but we still worry about them being that we are located in Seattle. Currently, Towa (sister-in-law) and her husband are temporarily living with Shinobu while they wait to welcome the baby, but it has been difficult to transition from Kiyo’s passing to birth. 

During these hard times, we would deeply appreciate your support through a meal-train. Even though Shinobu is a great cook, she is very hesitant when it comes to asking for help, so we have come up with this idea to lighten the load on her day to day activities. The meal-train spreadsheet autosaves, and anyone can type in as long as you have the link. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Kozue @425-420-6852

If you enjoy massages or getting your nail or manicure done, Shinobu needs a buddy to go with, and get her out of the house as well. We can chip in! 🙂

Click here for the link for the Meal Train Sign Up Sheet

🍙This is a shared spreadsheet, and it autosaves as you type. Any amount of meal or snacks are appreciated. No allergies and restrictions. 

🥡Drop-off can be done by placing your delivery in the cooler box by the front door or in person. Please make a selection in the drop-off section

📱If you have any questions or have any other ways to support them, let’s chat! Call or text Yosefu @ 206-353-8757 or Kozue@425-420-6852 

🤰If you’d like to support Towa’s maternity journey (Due on 3/17), her Venmo @TowaPotter or Zelle@206-992-8695, she can utilize the fund for doordash or ubereats.







🍙これは共有シートで、入力するだけで自動で保存されます。 お持ちいただく量はご負担にならない程度にサポートしていただければ幸いです。
📱アレルギーや食べ物の制限等はありません。 もしご質問やご相談があれば息子ヨセフ(206-353-8575)または梢(425-420-6852)までテキスト・電話などご遠慮なくどうぞ。