Japan Festival 2018 volunteer information

  • 2018 Vendor Map (we are at 31)
  • Persons in Charge
    • Saturday AM set-up: Kevin Modglin
    • Saturday volunteer coordinator: Kevin Modglin
    • Sunday AM coordinator: Isao Ono
    • Sunday PM ride coordinator: Kevin Modglin
    • Sunday PM coordinators: Marvin Vargas, Kevin Modglin
    • Sunday PM tear down: Marvin Vargas
  • If you are volunteering for Sunday PM and would like to have rides to avoid parking issue, please contact Kevin Modglin
  • Useful information from conduct agreement from Japan Festival Houston
    • No flame from any source may be used under a tent in violation of any permit issued by the City of Houston
    • Climbing on poles or foo top is not allowed
    • Silly string is not permitted to come in contact with the vinyl tent sides or roof
    • It is unsafe to stay in a tent if winds exceed 25 miles per hour. Have all persons exist the tent during extreme weather conditions’
    • It is unsafe to stay in a tent when lighting is encountered within 5 miles of a tent. have all persons exit the tent and seek safe shelter.
    • Rental equipment may not be removed from Customer’s Festival site.
    • Customer agrees not to use or allow anyone to use the Rental equipment for any illegal purpose or any illegal manner or in an unsafe manner.
    • To behave in a professional manner, any customer or representative of customer suspected of alcohol or drug usage during the Festival, set-up, or take-down, will be dismissed from the Festival without a refund of the rental fees of Rental Equipment.

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